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Mexico's GDP Will Grow 3.5% in 2013 Topping 1.82 Trillion USD

30 July, 2013

Mexico continues to strengthen its position in an ever expanding international market with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expected to grow 3.5%.

Recently Francisco Alonzo,Mexican Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) stated Mexico will strengthen and expand economic interest and trade with the UAE as well as several other Mid East countries and North Africa gaining a strong economic foothold in the region.

"We are working hard to improve bilateral trade exchange by promoting our products with many partnering companies working in the UAE",said Alonzo.

Both Mexico and the UAE are eager to develop strong business ties in all areas of trade. Trade between the 2 countries amounted to 1 billion USD in 2012.

Mexico is quickly becoming a manufactured goods and commodities powerhouse attracting many nations eager to do business with them. Mexico is also a major producer of oil and oil products,automobile and auto parts manufacturing,aircraft,cell phones and computers,batteries,biotechnology,and precious metals to name just a few.

Last year Mexico and the UAE signed the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) solidifying future trade by allowing several tax and financial benefits facilitating a more strategic and profitable trade integration between the 2 nations.

Mexico`s GDP will reach an incredible 1.82 Trillion dollars USD up from 1.76 Trillion in 2012. This is pretty much on par with Canada`s GDP indicating Mexico`s economic future is looking good.

Mexico is currently on of the top 17 world economies boosting a wealth of modern and high tech industries and  rapidly emerging as a major player in auto production producing no less than 3 million vehicles in 2012. 

Travel and tourism between Mexico and the UAE is vibrant with plans in the works to expand existing air travel. Approximately 12,000 Mexicans visit the UAE annually with more than 2000 Mexican employees in the UAE such as pilots,doctors,and engineers.

Mexico is also one of the top 10 tourist destinations worldwide with the most beautiful beaches and vacation values available anywhere. Last year more than 29 million tourists visited Mexico with 70% travelling to the Riviera Maya which is the fastest growing area in the world.

According to a recent study conducted by HSBC,the largest investment bank in the world,Mexico is the #1 place on the planet to invest ones money in Real Estate.

Mexico,an investor‘s Mecca and a tourist’s paradise continues to thrive by seeding dynamic business ties and friendly relations solidifying a very bright future for many years to come.

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