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Mexico Real Estate Safe and Secure – Another Puerto Aventuras Winner – ACT NOW!!!

30 July, 2013

Villas las Palmas I has only three units left and we are letting them go this way:

  • A pre-sale below market price – well under $200,000
  • A 2-year rental income guarantee at 8%
  • A high-end full-furniture package
  • A free golf cart which will get you to the beach in about three minutes

This offer will help you get over the fact that you couldn’t quite handle a condo on the beach or marina and will instead demonstrate the smart move you make as a savvy investor.  Every investor has to start somewhere and this can be your first step.  On the other hand you may be just adding this to your already expanding portfolio because you know a great deal when you see it!  To make this development even more attractive,our in-house architect,Gerardo Suarez,has designed luxury finishing features which you normally would find only in the most expensive condo on the water.  

We have had many people contact us expecting to find luxury on the cheap in Mexico real estate.  But this is the Riviera Maya and that’s not easy to find.  However,it is exactly what we are offering with these last three units.  This offer is the definition of luxury on the cheap.  In this case you don’t get what you pay for………..you get a whole lot more.

Villas las Palmas 1 is on our Tom Lehman nine-hole golf course which will soon be expanded to 18 holes.  The three units remaining are a one-bedroom and two,two-bedrooms starting at $137,500.  They are at ground level and will have an outside plug-in for your complimentary golf cart.  Instead of having to plug in your car engine in to keep it warm in the sub-zero temperatures of Saskatchewan or North Dakota,you’ll be plugging in your golf cart battery on the golf course and teeing off in three minutes.  And just in case you are wondering,the water is just steps away from your golf-course home…….whether it’s the yacht-filled marinas or beaches of Puerto Aventuras.  

This offer won’t last long.  We have had many inquiries in the past week since its release.  Just don’t think about it,do something.  As that famous sports manufacturer says,“Just Do It”!  And we at Investment Properties Mexico say,“This is too good to pass up,Do It Now”! 

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