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Mexico Real Estate News: US Department Of State Says Mexico Safe for Travel

30 July, 2013

Recently,the US Department of State reported Mexico a safe vacation destination for holiday travelers. Mexico has its problems with violent crime just as the States does but the violence is specific to the northern border towns shared with the States.

According to the US Department of State popular Mexican beach destinations such as Cancun,The Mayan Riviera,Puerto Vallarta,and Los Cabos are safe. In June 2012,Los Cabos hosted the G20 World Summit. Do you think President Obama and leaders of the 20 most powerful nations on the planet would attend if Mexico wasn’t safe? 


Mexico in the past has been a victim of inaccurate media perceptions distorting public image. 

Here is a tourism map of Mexico with RED being dangerous and GREEN being safe. Isn’t it ironic that the US drug problems have a positive correlation to Mexico’s image woes? Please note that the “entire” Mexican Caribbean and Gulf regions are GREEN.

USA TODAY recently reported the US economy is improving showing trading and investment way up and public nervousness way down. This coupled with Mexico still being the #1 bargain for travel has fueled increases in tourism numbers. The strengthening US economy and public confidence has also fueled increases in sales here in Mexico real estate.

Here at Investment Properties Mexico we have seen steadily increasing sales in 2012 carrying on into 2013 with the community of Puerto Aventuras being a favorite choice. Puerto Aventuras is a spectacular 900 acre Caribbean Seaside  gated golf/marina community located in the State of Quintana Roo nestled half-way between Playa Del Carmen and Tulum. Quintana Roo is deemed the safest State in Mexico,Puerto Aventuras is deemed one of the safest communities in Quintana Roo.

Also,having the only Marina from Cancun to Belize and an award winning trilingual K-12 school makes Puerto Aventuras very unique being both retirement and family friendly.

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