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Mexico Real Estate News: Tulum Real Estate: A Culinary Adventure

30 July, 2013

When tourists visit Tulum they usually come for two specific reasons, the Mayan Ruins which are the only ones overlooking the ocean or its world famous beaches.  It is no surprise that Tulum real estate has become the darling of investors the world over since becoming its own municipality 2008. In addition, Tulum will be home to a brand new international airport, relieving some of the congestion of the already overworked Cancun Airport with its 12 million (and growing) travelers per year.  What will surprise most people is the fact that Tulum is also a food town with a wide array of international fare.

Due to the fact Tulum attracts a very international crowd  the demand for top notch cuisine is a niche that is being filled quite nicely.  Forget having to travel to Playa del Carmen or Cancun to enjoy food the world over. In Tulum, one can find Italian, French, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Traditional Yucatecan, and Mexican among many others.

The increasing number of tourists visiting the area has created a demand for restaurant space that’s made the price of Tulum Commercial Real Estate to go up in value. This is particularly apparent in the two most popular destinations: The beach road and the poblado (a.k.a Tulum town center). In both these areas we find that most of the restaurants are owned by foreigners that have decided to call Tulum home and brought with them a taste from their prospective countries.

Tulum is a city that is growing and changing by leaps and bounds.  It will keep on this upswing for years to come and with this growth there will be an increasing demand for Tulum Real estate in the commercial end which is already showing great promise with the creation of a new town center inside Aldea Zama.

When visiting Tulum restaurants be sure to check out Ana and Jose’s beach club for a fabulous Coconut and Pineapple ceviche and the best Tamarind Margarita you’ll ever have. La Nave’s wood burning oven pizzas are delightfully thin and delicious, perfect for all ages. El Pequeño Buenos Aires has the best Argentinean beef in town. If you want a great steak, this is definitely the place to visit. Finally, if you are in the mood for something sweet try the ice cream parlor Panna e Cioccolato’s chocolate/habanero ice cream.  It is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.  No matter what you feel like having for dinner, Tulum is bound to have it.  Buon Appetito!!

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