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Making Money

30 July, 2013

Today I wanted to branch off from my
normal feel good,happy,lifestyle blogs that I thoroughly enjoy writing. I
want talk to you a little bit about what is really happening down here in the
Riviera Maya and what brought me to the area.

This weekend’s blog is geared towards
“Making Money”. I know that anyone in their right mind is not opposed to the
idea of 200-300% return on their investment in this Global Recession. Some may
laugh and not believe a word that is being written here,but you will be the
one who is laughing your way to the bank if you decide to listen to what I have
to say.

Before I get started I want to make one
thing clear,I am not here to try to sell you,I am already comfortable and
living in paradise … I am here to relay and educate you with the cold hard
facts and empirical data so hopefully you will do your own due diligence and
start acting like the savvy investor you have always inspired to be. It’s not a
hard feat to accomplish if you just look at what is right there in front of

I encourage you to stop reading any
further if you can show me one other place in the world where you can find a
safe,secure,and conservative investment located in the “path of growth” that
is looking at 300% returns in 5-7 years time. If in fact you do have something
in mind,your next move is to immediately pick up the phone and call my US
based line (561-459-5292) to tell me where and what this investment opportunity
is. I will be as open and willing to listen as you are by reading my blog.

Enough chitter chatter; let’s get down
to brass tacks. Let’s start with some of the facts. First off  - The U.S. stock market,where the majority
of you have your investments,is the most volatile it has been since the Great
Depression in the 1930’s. The average investor is down 30% on their accumulated
investments. Let me ask you a question,how many of you have made any kind of
substantial returns on your investments over the last 10 years? I am going to
take a shot in the dark and say not many unless you were a Wall Street Broker
(I recommend you watch the Documentary “Inside Job” you will understand what
I’m talking about). Between inflation,volatility,and a decrepit real estate
market,people are turning the pages in their portfolios trying to figure out
where they went wrong.

Second,with world markets crashing,
enormous banks being bought out or stripped bare,and the U.S. subsiding to a 5
year recession that is projected to dip again,you are not left with many
options are you? The question most people ask themselves is “What do I do with
my money?” Well I will tell you what not to do,you will not store it in your
piggy bank any longer. The worst move one can make is hold on to all of your
capital. Robert Kiyosaki the world famous writer and author of the
International best seller “Rich Dad Poor Dad” said it best,“Don’t work for
your Money,Have your Money work for you”. What good is your money to you
sitting in a bank where you are compounding pennies that are ultimately getting
dissipated by the proliferated inflation rates?

So far all we have only been talking
about are problems and complaints of the typical investor,but let’s re-route
this blog to solutions and ideas. I understand the problematic way of thinking
most Americans possess,we are inherently stuck in our own ideals by not being
open to or are intimidated by foreign investments. Going outside of your
comfort zone to invest your hard earned money in a foreign country where you
are not familiar with the laws,rules,and regulations is certainly not for

Let me reiterate something you may as
well already know,foreign investments are what fuels and stimulates an economy.
The Rivera Maya has no lack of foreign investors. We have the Chinese buying up
land like it’s going out of style,they have just invested $150 Million in
Puerto Morelos creating a 840,000 square meter facility will be a showcase for
Chinese products and companies and will include a housing complex of more than
4,000 homes.  Read
more here.

Numerous Spanish based companies have
invested hundreds of millions of dollars in premium high end developments along
the region. American businesses have set up shop right here in town placing
Wal-Mart’s,Costco’s,Starbucks,Home Depot,McDonalds etc all over the place.
What does all of this say to you? To me it sounds like something fishy is going
on that I don’t know about. I will openly admit that the people representing
these Fortune 500 companies have much more money,influence,and resources
available to them than I do. What is it that we are missing? What do they know
that we don’t? My answer is  … NOTHING.

My firm and I understand exactly what
is happening in the area,we are talking about the fastest growing city in the
world (Guinness World Book of Records) in 2006 which is still growing at a
substantial rate being named the fastest growing city in Latin America in 2010.

I don’t know about you but what this
screams out to me is opportunity: 
Opportunity in a country where the cost of living,labor,and materials
are inexpensive and where tourism is their 3rd largest industry and
increasing at 3.5% quarterly. We are not talking about a recessed market,
Mexico has just surpassed Italy’s economy. According to CNN Money a few weeks
back,the Mexican stock market is "going gangbusters this year" and
Mexico is a “good buy.” The 6.7% rate of growth to date is better than the U.S.
Dow Jones’ 5% gain in the same period of time. Combined with other factors,
this prompted CNN
to declare Mexico a “buy” for investors.

What my firm and I are offering is
something that no one else can. Our latest business venture brought us to the
Yucatan Coast,where we are working hand-in-hand with an established and
credible development company with whom we have created a strategic partnership.
We have obtained 24 beachfront
lots for $49,000
. These lots provide 20 meters (66ft) of beachfront
property. No matter what way you look at it you cannot go wrong with beachfront
land,simply,because they are just not making anymore of it!

Another unique investment opportunity
that we have available are hectare lots (2.5 Acres) placed strategically in the
path of growth and located next to the new Tulum International Airport bypass.
We are selling these hectare lots from only $12,500. Once again try finding a
better deal than what we are offering. Let me save you from wasting your time …
you can’t,because it is not out there. We pride ourselves on being a
well-known and established investment firm that has built a brand and
reputation around the area. We no longer have to go out and search for the best
deals possible. No,people are knocking on our door now bringing the deals to
us. (Next week I will be writing a blog dedicated solely to these lots getting
into more detail and specifics)

These are just a few of many
opportunities that we have available to investors. We are always going above
and beyond the price alone to find our investors unique opportunities to
capitalize on and ensure a strong value proposition. Whether it is next week or
one year from now,you don’t want to find yourself looking back in hindsight
asking yourself those two words that will make your hair on the back of your
neck stand up “What if?”.

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