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Billion Dollar Real Estate Project Planned for Playa del Carmen,Mexico

12 July, 2013

Playa del Carmen will be the location for the Riviera Maya’s new billion-dollar Ximbal project,which will provide more than 17,000 multi-family housing units,including residential sections and public spaces that are complete with conservation areas,golf courses,shopping centers,office buildings and a wide variety of other town services.

“It is practically a new town in Playa del Carmen,” shared William Gutierrez Alvarez,who is president of the Foundation for Investment in the Riviera Maya,according to The Economist. “The Ximbal projects aims to meet housing demands in the region of Playa del Carmen.”

Mexico’s Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources,also known as SEMARNAT,announced the new development recently and it will reportedly be the largest project that has ever broken ground in Playa del Carmen real estate. In fact,Ximbal is part of the Mayakoba mega resort project’s much anticipated next phase and will be located in the El Jesusito area. It will allow residents of Playa and the surrounding areas to tap in to the housing funds that are currently available through the government’s Foviste and Infinavit,and will also help to fill the growing demand for homes in the area. 

The Ximbal project will begin construction in late 2013 and will reportedly be carried out in four phases. It will be used mainly to provide housing for the many workers who support the booming hotel sector throughout the Riviera Maya and is designed to encourage individuals from a variety of economic backgrounds to live together in a community environment.

“It will have one of the largest green areas in the region,with more than nine hectares,” writes The Economist.

The billion-dollar investment will be used to improve the area’s infrastructure and will cover more than 1,000 acres,of which approximately 32 percent will be reserved for conservation efforts. Ximbal will also make it easier for the area’s workers to commute via state of the art tunnels connecting the new development with Mayakoba.

Playa del Carmen is a vibrant city located just south of Cancun,with easy access to the region’s international airport,ancient Mayan ruins,and much,much more. This – along with the area’s stunning beaches,laid-back atmosphere and exciting cultural scene – is why so many ex-pats have opted to make Playa their primary or secondary home away from home.