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Mexico Aerospace Industry to Reach Global Top 10 By 2020

11 July, 2013

The aerospace industry in Mexico is poised to become one of the top ten largest in this important sector worldwide,according to government officials. In 2012,Mexico’s aerospace industry attracted more than 1.3 billion in new investments and $5.4 million in exports; numbers that are only expected to grow throughout the rest of 2013 and beyond.

“The industry grew almost 20 percent since 2006 to date,received important investments and reinvestments,both national and foreign,which were the highest in the world in the last three years,” stated Carlos Bello,general director of the Federación Mexicana de la Industria Aeroespacial (Femia),in a recent interview with Mexican Business Web.

Reaching the top ten internationally is a big deal for Mexico’s already booming aerospace sector and is expected to equal more than $12 billion annually in products and services. The increase will also mean more jobs for Mexican workers and will help integrate manufacturing on a national level throughout Mexico real estate. Today,more than 34,000 workers are employed in this industry in Mexico,spread out among 267 firms.

Mexico’s secretary of the economy has worked in conjunction with Femia to establish a clear set of goals for the future of the nation’s aerospace industry. Known as the Programa Esrtatégico Nacional de la Industria Aeroespacial,or Pro-Aéreo for short,this initiative will be integral in establishing Mexico on the international list of the top ten destinations for aerospace exports,development and manufacturing. In addition,it will increase the number of available positions in Mexico for workers who hold a B.A. or higher in engineering,creating at least 110,000 new direct jobs,30-35 percent of which will require a college degree.

“Pro-Aério is a project based on strategies for growth by 2020,” Bello shared. “Another objective of Pro-Aério is that the country will raise the number of companies with aerospace activity to more than 450." 

The aerospace industry – like so many other sectors of Mexico’s economy – already has an impressive growth record,considering that when Femia was organized in 2008 Mexico was at number 18 worldwide,but by the close of 2012 it rose to 14th place,where it remains today. Developing and integrating a larger chain of suppliers,while also establishing new technological development centers to create a stronger institutional framework,will help to realize the industry’s future growth.

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