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BBC News Touts Mexico’s Strong Democracy & Booming Economy

07 July, 2013

Mexico’s thriving economy,growing middle class and secure democracy have made old myths about this progressive nation obsolete in the face of progressive change. The new realities of what Mexico has to offer are much more complex and are poised to remain very influential over the coming months and years as this emerging superpower takes its rightful place among the world’s major players.

“A majority of Mexican households – incorporating roughly 60 million people – now have disposable income,” writes the BBC News. “Half of the people in Mexico own their own car,and one-third own a computer. Nearly everyone has a television and mobile phone.”

Another sign of Mexico’s growing middle class can be found in the many new private schools cropping up in the nation’s most affluent areas. In fact,the BBC reports that private schools now account for a full one-third of the total number of schools found throughout Mexico real estate. Also of note,the number of students going on to college has more than tripled over the last few decades.

In addition,the net migration numbers of Mexican citizens opting to live in the U.S. has bottomed out to hit zero over the last few years,which basically means that the same number of Mexicans left and came into the U.S. Part of this is due to increased security along the borders coupled with the recession,but an even greater factor is the demographic shift Mexico has experienced over the last few decades. Since women are now having fewer children,fewer citizens are coming of age and entering the workforce each year,which means more opportunities for today’s youths.

As current President Enrique Peña Nieto works to expand Mexico’s already strong economy,the government has adopted a variety of progressive checks and balances that are designed to prevent corruption and expose misdeeds of public officials.

“Mexico has reached a relatively enviable space,ranking in the upper tiers of nearly all relative international measures of democracy,” writes the BBC News. “Its economy has grown steadily and Mexico maintains an important presence in multilateral groups and summits.”

It is also important to point out that the rise in manufacturing activity throughout Mexico is also beneficial for U.S. workers,since having the factories closer to home allows corporations to be more competitive and will lead to stronger commercial and economic ties between the two nations.

“A study by two Harvard business professors and a University of Michigan colleague shows that for every 10 people hired overseas by American corporations,two new jobs are created in the United States,” writes the BBC. “Mexican manufacturing doesn’t harm U.S. workers.”

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