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ABC News: "Mexico Will Be Latin America’s Tech Leader"

28 June, 2013

More opportunities for startups and established corporations in Mexico are opening the door for even greater economic and business development over the next few years in Latin America’s second largest economy. In addition,Mexico’s close proximity to the U.S. and other major world markets will continue to mean increased trade,investment and innovation throughout the next decade and beyond.

“Mexico is the place to be for innovation in Latin America,” writes ABC News. “When Silicon Valley investors think about Latin America,they go to Mexico first.”

Mexico has been quick to embrace new innovations that are at the heart of the newest technology boom,putting it in an ideal position to come out on top as the 21st century progresses. For example,Mexico is home to many of the best universities in Latin America and many talented individuals are attracted to Mexico real estate because of the nation’s impressive economic growth. In addition,Mexico is already home to a large internal manufacturing and technology sector,and has the necessary infrastructure in place to export manufactured goods worldwide.

“Mexico’s steady economic growth – during a period of relative global stagnation in the last five years – has attracted billions in foreign direct investment,” writes ABC. “Domestic investment is also rising.”

Furthermore,Mexico is also fostering an environment that will encourage innovation instead of stifling it. For example,the federal government has been steadily chipping away at monopolies that inhibit economic growth in key sectors and is currently working to open up the nation’s considerable energy resources to foreign investment – a move that is sure to catapult Mexico to the forefront of the global economy in the near future.

Also of note,the Mexican government recently announced a plan to invest more than $20 billion in the nation’s already impressive infrastructure throughout the rest of 2013,improving roads,rail transport and sea ports in key areas throughout the country. This will reportedly include a high-speed rail connection between Mexico City and the northern industrial hub of Queretaro,followed by six additional passenger rail projects between now and 2018.

All of this adds up to fantastic news for property owners in all of Mexico’s major cities and will undoubtedly lead to impressive profits in the years to come. In fact,the Financial Times recently wrote about “Mexico’s red hot real estate market,” which is seeing unprecedented interest from investors worldwide in 2013 – a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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