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Tulum's New Mayor Inaugurated,Development Ready To Boom

26 June, 2013

The president of the State of Quintana Roo,Felix Gonzalez Canto,was in Tulum
last week to swear in Marciano Dzul Caamal as the new municipality's first

His inauguration marks the beginning of an era of new development
for Tulum. Since it became an independent municipality last year and the new
international airport has been confirmed,land prices have already risen

In his inauguration speech Dzul said that one of his main policy
objectives is the sustainable development of Tulum. He said that at the same
time as pushing for the development of the economy and tourism he wants to
support projects that preserve the natural ecology,culture and archeology of
the area.

The newly elected mayor and government are now in Tulum itself
and better positioned to resolve zoning problems,speed up building permits and
plan sustainable and environmentally responsible development of the

Tulum is primed and ready to go. The Financial Times of London said
last June that property prices had already "increased fourfold in the past
decade" in the Riviera Maya. We expect Tulum to be the next part of the coast to

Even taking into account the global economic crisis,we estimate
that some current Tulum land opportunities could offer more than 50% return on
investment per year.

Dzul of the PRI party won the first ever mayoral
elections in Tulum in February,with some 63 percent of the vote. He took office
on April 1st and his term runs until 2011.

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