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Firefighting Fun in Playa Del Carmen

26 June, 2013

One nice thing about the expat community in Playa del Carmen is its willingness
to help local charities make Playa a better place. While traditional
volunteering is generally not allowed under the provisions of most expats’
visas,that doesn’t preclude them from stepping in and supporting fundraising
efforts for various causes.

Probably the most well-known and respected
“charity” is the Bomberos,or the local Playa del Carmen

The Bomberos are led by a US expat,Comandante Brian
Borjesson. After moving to Playa many years ago,Brian dedicated himself to
creating one of Mexico’s finest firefighting teams. Through tireless dedication,
he begged and borrowed equipment and funding and even created an annual weeklong
firefighting “Academy.”

Each spring,expert firefighters from the US
come to Playa on a volunteer basis to train the firefighters here. In turn,the
firefighters here help train other firefighters throughout Mexico. Everybody

As there is never enough money to fund all of the important
work the Bomberos do,they turn to regular fundraising. One of those fundraising
events is the yearly Three Legged Bar Crawl Race,which the expats see not only
as an opportunity to raise money for the firefighters,but to get falling down
drunk with their friends. How much fun is that!?

The race is not all
expats–some locals as well as the occasional tourist always show up to enter the
race–but the teams are primarily made up of those who have come from other
places and now call Playa their home.

This year’s Three Legged Bar Crawl
Race was held last week,and it was very well attended,as always. Teams of two,
some in costume,with their inner legs tied together,were sent out at staggered
intervals with timekeepers noting the time (it was,after all,a race!).

Without knowing the exact figures,we believe that the fastest
runners/drinkers finished the race this year in under 15 minutes! A great time
was had by all,and once again a lot of money was raised for the firefighters.

With the tough economic times this year,it was more difficult to
squeeze pesos of out people,but these dedicated teams still managed to do

Special thanks to the Luna Blue Hotel in Playa del Carmen for
sponsoring teams and kindly allowing us to use this edited version of their blog
story. Visit our main website for more about living in the Riviera Maya and Playa Del Carmen real estate.