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Tulum Hotel Offers Free Tours

13 June, 2013

OM Tulum Hotel Cabanas and Beach Club in Tulum said last week that they are
giving away special treats for guests who book their Front Cabanas for six nights.

six-night bookings placed on Mondays and Thursdays,guests at Om Tulum Hotel
will be entitled to free tours around the 1.3-million-acre Sian Ka'an nature
reserve and the Mayan ruins of Muyil. On Tuesdays and Fridays,tours to the
Mayan Underworld,a recently discovered labyrinth of temples and pyramids,will
be arranged.

The hotel said the package also includes a snorkeling tour
in front of the Mayan ruins and private kitesurf lessons lasting for one hour
and a half. Visitors will also enjoy a free return transfer from OM Tulum Hotel
to the airport. The snorkeling tour package is also good for four-night bookings
on the said days.

The OM Tulum Hotel houses nine private cabanas
furnished with balconies,which overlook scenic garden views,and a private
bathrooms. Visitors also have the option to book for Beach Club accommodations
at the OM Tulum Hotel Cabanas. Spacious harem-style beds and beach loungers
offer better beach and sunset views while restaurant and bar services are nearby
to provide gastronomic delights to vacationers.

The free tour packages
are readily available during the low season. Guests who book for six nights one
the assigned days (Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,and Friday) will be given the
opportunity to explore the wonders of nature and ancient Mayan

For more information and online
bookings,visit the OM Tulum Hotel website
or visit our website for information on Tulum real estate.