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Software Company Helps Playa Del Carmen Clinic

13 June, 2013

Global software company,BlueCielo ECM Solutions,has helped to transform Angel
Notion,a non-profit clinic based in Playa del Carmen,with key refurbishments
and technological improvements.

Angel Notion required aid in improving
its facilities and BlueCielo offered a hundred pairs of helping

BlueCielo employees gave the clinic a much-needed transformation
by painting the exterior of the building and the roof,and creating new gardens
for herbal medicines,fruits and vegetables.

Comfortable seating areas
for patients were also created in the gardens as restful spaces and the clinic's
interior had a makeover with its lights,windows and sunscreens cleaned and

"BlueCielo sees it as a social responsibility to support
initiatives that contribute to home and life conditions and good medical care in
developing countries," said Martijn Janmaat,the company's CEO.

As a
further gesture of support,BlueCielo has decided to make a financial
contribution of US$10,000 to help fund the opening of a new Angel Notion

For more information visit BlueCielo's website or check out our
website for real estate in Playa del Carmen.