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Getting To Know Cabo San Lucas and Los Cabos

13 June, 2013

Cabo San Lucas forms part of Los Cabos
(The Capes) in Baja California Sur,Mexico. The other famous cape town is San
José del Cabo.

The two are very different. San José del Cabo is to the
northeast and Cabo San Lucas is at the southern tip,marking a twenty-mile
coastal ‘Corridor,’ with a range of hotels,and numerous championship golf

Picturesque San José del Cabo is still quite quaint,stuck to
some extent in the 18th century. Cabo San Lucas,on the other hand,is more of a
24/7 metropolis,with fantastic shops,restaurants and nightclubs.

weather,stunning scenery,easy access and the best recreational facilities,
make Los Cabos a world-class resort destination with one of the fastest growing
real estate markets on the planet.

In both towns - and on the highway
that joins them - are real estate properties that suit almost any lifestyle and
budget. If you've dreamt of owning a vacation home,you may well find that dream
comes true here.

From forests to oceans,to deserts and beaches,this
part of Mexico is great place to relax or retire to. Scuba diving is popular and
numerous golf courses are available for both professional and casual

Los Cabos is on Mountain time and enjoys a mild Mediterranean
climate,usually with low humidity similar to Palm Springs or Arizona. The cool
breezes from the Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean make Los Cabos a tropical
jewel on the Pacific coast.

The average annual temperature is a warm 78˚F
(25.5˚C) and there are usually more than 340 days of sunshine every

November to July see sunny,warm mild days,warm evenings,low
humidity and little or no rainfall. From August through to October expect sunny,
hot days,warmer nights,humidity. Be ready for showers of varying length too,
it’s rainy season.

Los Cabos by air is 1 hour 45 minutes from Phoenix and
San Diego,2 hours from Los Angeles,2 hours 30 minutes from Houston,and 3
hours from San Francisco..

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RE/MAX Investment Properties website for more information and listings for Cabo Real Estate.