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First Mayor Marks New Era Of Development For Tulum

13 June, 2013

The landmark election of Tulum's first Mayor marks a new era of development for
the area.

Although still not officially confirmed,it looks certain that
Marciano Dzul of the PRI party won with some 63 percent of the vote and will
take office on April 1st.

Since Tulum became an independent municipaility
last year and the new international airport has been confirmed,land prices have
already risen rapidly.

Now we have a
Mayor and local government ready to take control the development of the area is
really set to explode

Since the new mayor and government are in
Tulum itself,they will be better positioned to resolve zoning problems,speed
up building permits and plan sustainable and environmentally responsible
development of the area.

The Tulum real
market has already been compared with Playa del Carmen of 20 years
ago and looks set to be the next boom town on the Mexican Caribbean

We estimate that some current Tulum land opportunities could offer more than
50% return on investment per year.

You'll find it hard to find a better
deal than Tulum real estate in all of
Mexico at the moment.

Tulum Election Facts

The first ever Tulum mayoral elections were
held Sunday,February 1,2009. The other four candidates were Euterpe Gutiérrez
Valasis (PRD),Víctor Palomo Navarro (PT),Andrés Uc Matos (Nueva Alianza) and
Antonio Pool Caamal (PAN).

Out of the 9 muncipalities in the Mexican
state of Quintana Roo the PRI party now controls 7: Othón P. Blanco (Chetumal),
Felipe Carrillo Puerto,José María Morelos,Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen),
Cozumel,Lázaro Cárdenas and Tulum.

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