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Corruption Clean Up Positive Sign

13 June, 2013

Drug-related violence and corruption in Mexico has received a lot of sensational
press in the US recently,so the good news about the massive clean-up by
authorities is welcome.

The recent example set by the arrest of Cancun's
head of police in relation to killings sends a clear message: nobody is immune
from investigation.

Despite this story taking place in Cancun,the city
has had little involvement in drug-related crime and,with the Riviera Maya to
the south,is one of the safest parts of Mexico to live,invest or buy vacation
property. The action by authorities ensure it will continue to be

Real estate to the south around Playa del Carmen and Tulum is
booming,even in the current global economic crisis. Positive action against
violence in nearby Cancun will help bolster confidence further and encourage
more investors to buy property. Keep up the good work!