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Mexico's Economy Stable,Forecast for Growth

12 June, 2013

A growing number of international observers have noted that Mexico is quickly surpassing China,India and Brazil. With a soaring economy and a progressive government,the world is quickly adapting to a new view of Mexico for the future. 

“Mexico has enviable economic stability and a forecast for growth,improved social mobility,and an emerging middle class,” writes The Christian Science Monitor. “It is competing with Brazil to become the economic darling of Latin America and is challenging China in manufacturing prowess.”

Optimism for the future of Mexico real estate is also growing amid the nation’s recent successes. With Mexico’s many macroeconomic successes,Mexico is poised to become a future global economic force and this optimism is still gaining momentum. To explain Mexico’s smooth sailing amid the recent global economic storm,economists point to the country’s currency,which has remained stable for close to 20 years,along with its steady economic growth and fiscal discipline. In addition,Mexico has signed more than a dozen trade pactsin recent years,opening its economy up even more to the outside world.

This more open economy has led to a growing middle class in Mexico,particularly in the widely industrialized northern and central regions. In addition,the Mexican government is dedicated to ensuring that opportunities continue to expand in all parts of the country and among all segments of the population.

“We need to ensure that the benefits of this intelligent global integration reach all the economic players at a national level – small and medium sized businesses,and all regions of the country,” stated Mexico’s Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo.

President Enrique Peña Nieto has also vowed to provide greater equality and economic opportunity to all of Mexico’s citizens,starting with a wide scale anti-hunger campaign and a complete overhaul of the nation’s education system that will improve the quality of instruction at Mexico’s schools and increase student performance rankings nationwide. In addition,his administration is working on reforms that will increase competition in Mexico’s telecommunications industry,thereby lowering prices and making it easier than ever for people to gain Internet and cellular access.

“Beyond the prospect of reform,there are other bright spots,like the increasing number of students attending college and the growth of Mexico’s automotive and aerospace industries,” writes The Christian Science Monitor. “Mexico’s information technology sector,too,is increasingly delivering to U.S. companies the back office outsourcing services that made India a brand name.”