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Tulum Real Estate: Growing Economy Good News for Mexican Workers

15 May, 2013

The Mayan doomsday rumors stemming from Mexico’s Riviera Maya may have some people thinking the end of the world is coming later this year,but they have meant a new beginning for many Mexican workers in the country’s booming south.

Although for several generations Mexican workers have migrated north to find better work,the recent economic downturn has reversed this trend,causing many Mexicans to stay in Mexico and find new ways to make a living. This is made possible in large part by Mexico’s recent economic success,which has led to “expanding opportunities in Mexico,” according to President Felipe Calderon.

“As a kid,like everyone else,I dreamed of going to the United States,” Everardo Tejada,a Guadalajara native,told Dallas Morning News. “Not anymore. I know it’s hard to believe,but this part of Mexico doesn’t feel like Mexico. It’s something else.”

One of the destinations attracting the largest number of Mexican workers from around the country is the Riviera Maya,which lies along the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The Riviera Maya is also located thousands of miles from the drug-related violence along Mexico’s northern border,and here communities such as Tulum have already seen growth of more than 15 percent in recent years. 

Tulum real estate is sure to continue to benefit from all of this international attention,and new investments in infrastructure here – including a new airport and a four-lane highway – have been developed to support the coming growth. 

In a campaign dubbed “The Mexico You Thought You Knew,” the government is successfully attracting foreign tourists,and is committed to making it easier than ever to get a visa. 

“We’re convinced that tourism remains a fully untapped market for us,” shared Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete of Mexico’s Tourism Board. “The United States,Texas particularly,is our priority. But we’re also aggressively pursuing international tourism… to create more opportunities,good-paying jobs,for Mexicans.”

And this strategy is already proving to be successful. In 2011,The Mexican Tourism Industry says it logged an impressive 22.67 million visitors,which is an increase of more than 2 percent over the previous year.