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New Highways make Cabo San Lucas More Accessible than Ever Before

01 April, 2013

Cabo San Lucas, which is located in the state of Baja California Sur, has long been a favorite destination in Mexico of Hollywood’s elite, from John Wayne and Bing Crosby enjoying the sport fishing here in decades past, to Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney becoming familiar faces on the beaches of Cabo in more recent years. As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, today Cabo San Lucas real estate is more accessible than ever, thanks to the completion of two new highways last year.

In the past, visitors to Cabo have tended to stay close to downtown and the nearby all-inclusive resorts and luxury enclaves, which are home to plenty of fabulous restaurants, great shopping and a thriving nightlife. Now, the new four-lane stretch of Highway 1 North that leads out of Cabo San Lucas, along with the four-land expansion of Highway 19 up the West Cape, have cut drive times by more than half to other destinations in Baja, including La Paz and Todos Santos.

“More tourists are expanding their Baja horizons, but the cape beyond Los Cabos is still far from overrun,” writes the San Francisco Chronicle. “Several luxury developments are breaking ground to take advantage of the increased tourism in Los Cabos.”

This means that, although tourists who choose Cabo for a getaway may be venturing out more, the rest of the cape still offers a glimpse into the storied past of this unforgettable region. The result is that locals who depend on tourism and property owners throughout the area will enjoy a boost, while the traditional cultural appeal of the region will remain intact – a true win-win for all involved.

“La Paz, the unassuming but lovely and very Mexican capital, is one of Mexico’s safest cities, with a homicide rate lower than San Francisco’s and comparable to Tacoma,Wash.,” writes the San Francisco Chronicle. “The abundance of marlin and sailfish in La Paz’ waters are a major draw.”  

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