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MSN Money Names Top 5 Mexico Stocks

01 April, 2013

According to MSN Money,Mexico is once again outperforming Brazil and China – a growing trend that is helping investors who are looking overseas to dramatically increase profit. In fact,the Mexican economy is now projected to be one of the fastest growing in the world over the coming years,especially considering the growing possibility that the nation will reform a law that currently restricts private investment in its state-run oil company,Petroleos Mexicanos,or PEMEX.

“Over the next year or so,Mexico will be one of the world’s better-performing stock markets,” writes MSN Money. “That could even be an understatement if Mexico succeeds in reforming the national petroleum law.”

According to MSN Money,in addition to the iShares MSCI Mexico ETF,the top five Mexican stocks to watch are Industrias Bachoco (IBA),Gruma (GMK),Desarrolladora Homex (HXM),Cemex (CX) and Grupo Televisa (TV). These stocks are reportedly expected to prosper as Mexican citizens continue to earn more and grow to expect a better quality of life.

“Mexico is a comparatively open economy,with free-trade agreements with 44 countries,” writes MSN Money. “Proximity to the U.S. counts,too,especially for bulky and expensive to ship products.”

Industrias Bachoco is the leading producer of chicken in Mexico real estate; and as average incomes rise among workers,so does their consumption of animal protein. Not to mention that chicken has long been a staple of traditional Mexican fare. Gruma is the world’s leading corn flour manufacturer and tortilla producer,while Desarrolladora Homex is the biggest player in Mexico’s homebuilding sector with excellent liquidity in New York markets. Finally,Cemex offers another opportunity to invest in housing,infrastructure and commercial construction as the nation’s largest cement maker,while Grupo Televisa attracts a remarkable 70 percent share of the prime time audience in Mexico and is committed to expanding its exports to the U.S.