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HSBC Features Playa del Carmen, Names Mexico ‘Country for Investment’

01 April, 2013

In a study designed to pinpoint the top emerging markets for 2013 and beyond,HSBC has named Mexico the “Top Country for Investment,” thanks to the nation’s longstanding status as a successful example of free-market economic activity in Latin America. HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations,dedicated to discovering international engines of global growth and to helping businesses and whole economies profit from international trade flows.

The recent HSBC study examined the three largest economies in Latin America,namely Mexico,Brazil and Argentina,ultimately naming Mexico as the “investment of choice.” 

“What has long been known by insiders in Latin America is Mexico,the only Latin American country that is a member of NAFTA,has for over 15 years been the shining example of free-market economic activity in the region,” writes HSBC. “Combining this with a new government that has been clear about policies of reform; and HSBC has concluded that Mexico is the safest bet for investors in the region.”

The report found “major problems” with both Brazil and Argentina. In Brazil,government intervention has been found to have a negative effect on the country’s economic activity,while external debt in Argentina,combined with excessive governmental crackdowns,has caused serious hindrances to growth.

“Playa del Carmen has been for the last 12 years,the fastest growing city in Latin America,” writes HSBC. “With the Mexican economy on the verge of explosion and Playa benefiting from an international clientele that is unlike anything else on the hemisphere,now is the time to invest in real estate.”

Specifically,investors are urged to take a close look at Playa del Carmen real estate,along with the surrounding areas,such as Puerto Aventuras and Tulum,which are all located just south of the popular tourist destination of Cancun. These areas continue to experience exponential growth,offering a major investment opportunity the likes of which rarely comes along but once in a lifetime.