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President Unveils National Tourism Policy for Mexico Real Estate

26 March, 2013

Yahoo! Finance reports that Mexico’s President,Enrique Peña Nieto,has unveiled the nation’s new National Tourism Policy,which is designed to strengthen the sector and help Mexico become an even more popular destination among worldwide travelers. The plan involves four main sections,including legislative and sectoral transformation; innovation and competitiveness; development and promotion; and sustainability and social wellbeing.

“We will open Mexico to the world,and the world will visit Mexico,” stated President Peña Nieto when he unveiled the plan for the state governors of Jalisco,Quintana Roo,San Luis Potosi,Yucatan,Sinaloa and Tlaxcala recently in Mexico’s stunning Riviera Nayarit. “Tourism is a fundamental component of our economy and a key driver of national development.”

According to Yahoo! Finance,tourism already accounts for nearly nine percent of Mexico’s total GDP,making its continued growth one of the nation’s most vital components for the future success of Mexico real estate. To ensure this,President Peña Nieto has formed a select committee that will coordinate a multi-sector effort to increase tourism in Mexico. The committee will reportedly focus on helping the nation become increasingly competitive through the diversification of products involving culture,health,business meetings,conventions and eco-tourism.

“Through a policy of development and promotion,Mexico will boost confidence in current and potential investors in the country,” stated Peña Nieto. “Growth of the tourism sector is important for tourists and Mexicans alike.”

Mexico’s Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu echoed this sentiment,pointing out that tourism drives growth and employment throughout the country,adding that Mexico “sets the standard” for the worldwide tourism industry.

“I have no doubt that tourism is the future of Mexico,” shared Ruiz Massieu. “Tourism will be used as an engine to drive development. Through intra-governmental collaboration and true partnership with the private sector,the tourism industry in Mexico will thrive.”