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Mining & Commodities Booming in Mexico Real Estate

18 March, 2013

Mexico is quickly making a name for itself as a prime place to invest,with thriving tourism,real estate,manufacturing,energy and mining sectors. In fact,Grupo Mexico has announced that it will spend upwards of $3.5 billion on mining,transport and infrastructure throughout 2013; a move that will provide an additional incentive for commodities investors worldwide to take a closer look at what Mexico real estate has to offer.

“Mexican mining and infrastructure giant Grupo Mexico plans to boost investment by 65 percent in 2013,” writes Reuters. “Mexico has the world’s largest copper reserves and hopes to produce 1.4 million tones of copper a year by 2015.”

Today,Mexico is one of the countries that is viewed by analysts as being “most friendly to mining development” and also boasts the infrastructure and skilled labor force to make the most of its impressive copper,silver and gold reserves. In fact,Mexico is known as a “premier address” for silver and is poised to take full advantage of all that its many precious resources have to offer.

“Grupo Mexico said it would continue to invest in the Buenavista mine in northern Mexico,which has the world’s largest copper reserves,” writes Reuters. “The transport division will continue to focus on railway expansion. Investment in the infrastructure division,which the company sees as a hot growth prospect,will pay for the construction of two power stations and a wind farm.”

Industry analysts view the planned investments as “bullish,” and expect the improvements to lead to rapid growth,causing ROTH Capital Partners’ Brian Post to name Mexico the “place to be” for commodities investors.

“It sends a very clear signal of optimism on the evolution of the market,their projects and their expectations,” shares analyst Juan Baptista Bruny at BBVA Bancomer in Mexico City.