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Mexico Real Estate News: San Antonio Express-News Promotes Investing in Mexico

15 January, 2013

According to an article published in the San Antonio Express-News,“investing in Mexico looks good” these days,offering opportunities that are not available locally. In addition,entrepreneurs can still boost their local and national economies by investing internationally in markets such as Mexico real estate

The article explores the example of a group of San Antonio-based business partners who recently opened a kidney dialysis clinic in the popular Mexican colonial city of Querétaro. The company,Médica Santa Carmen,opened the venture in December of 2011 and was awarded a $7.8 million contract just a few months later in April of 2012 by the Mexican Social Security Institute,or IMSS,which is the country’s large government-run healthcare system. 

The contract will reportedly pay for the ongoing treatment of more than 250 patients. The clinic was originally founded with an initial investment of just $750,000,which was put together by San Antonio consultant Andrés Gutiérrez,medical equipment specialist John Shepperd and a few other partners,who learned about the growing healthcare opportunities in Mexico.

The group chose Querétaro due to the city’s strong industrial base and close proximity to other areas that may provide an excellent opportunity for expansion and will allow the company to open additional clinics in the future.

“The demand is large,” writes the San Antonio Express-News. “The opportunity opened partly because new Mexican regulations allow for specialized clinics to operate independent of hospitals. Médica Santa Carmen’s Querétaro clinic employs 30. The company hopes to add two more clinics in Mexico next year.”

So how does this also help the U.S. and local economy? The clinic’s supply chain is operated from San Antonio and most of its supplies and equipment still comes from the United States. And this is just one example in a landslide of recent activity that is unlikely to slow down in the coming months and years,as investment in Mexico continues to become even more attractive to U.S. and foreign investors who are quickly learning how to capitalize on the many opportunities that are available through this emerging international superpower.

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