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Mexico Real Estate News: Spanish Crown Prince Supports Investment in Mexico

03 December, 2012

Fox News reported late last week on the public support Spain’s crown prince has shown for his country’s investments in Mexico. At a luncheon held here with the heads of several large Spanish corporations that are already doing business in Mexico, Crown Prince Felipe voiced his support for and approval of the businesses and their growing investments in Mexico.

“Prince Felipe wanted to impress upon the businessmen his support for their work abroad,” writes Fox News. “Support that Telefonica Mexico CEO Juan Antonio Abellan called ‘very important.’”

The luncheon kicked off the prince’s latest visit to Mexico real estate. The trip will also allow him to represent Spain at the inauguration of incoming President Enrique Pena Nieto and will provide an opportunity for the prince to meet once again with outgoing President Felipe Calderon.

The initial meeting was held at the Spanish ambassador to Mexico’s home. Executives from Spanish corporate heavyweights such as Telefonica, BBVA-Bancomer, Banco Santander, OHL, ACS, Iberdrola, Gas Natural-Fensoa, Repsol, Acciona and Mapfre, a mong others, were in attendance at the luncheon.

“The Mexican economy is continuing to expand and the incoming Pena Nieto administration has moved forward on several projects that are of interest to Spanish companies,” writes Fox News. “It is expected, for example, that there will be a change in the rules that will open state-owned oil company Pemex to foreign investment, a reform that could offer significant opportunities to firms like Spanish energy giant Repsol.”

It is also important to note that Spain is the second largest worldwide investor in Mexico, behind only the United States. Spain is also the single largest European investor in Mexico. In fact,Fox points out that Spanish-owned BBVA-Bancomer is Mexico’s largest bank, while Spain’s Santander is the second largest. 

Crown prince Felipe will also attend a special dinner for visiting dignitaries who are in Mexico for the upcoming inauguration.

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