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Mexico Attracts Record Tourism Numbers and Private Investment Dollars

02 December, 2012

The Mexico Ministry of Tourism reported that private investment dollars to develop and maintain tourism projects throughout Mexico have exceeded the nation’s six-year goal of reaching $20 billion, hitting $20,129,900,000 for the period between January of 2007 and September of 2012.

During the same period,Mexico real estate reportedly received more than 130 million international visitors, which is up more than 12 percent compared to the previous administration. In 2012 alone, more than 8 million visitors traveled by air to Mexico between January and September, an increase of more than 6 percent over the same period in 2011. In fact, in September alone, the number of air travelers from the U.S. increased by 3.7 percent over the same period in 2011.

The flow of cruise ship passengers was 11 percent higher than 2011’s numbers, while the total number of U.S. visitors increased by more than 2.8 percent. Mexico also exceeded the goal of reaching 165.8 million visitors in 2011, and the country is on track for 2012 to once again surpass that goal, with the total number of tourists between January and September reaching an impressive 133.2 million, which is already 6 percent higher than the same period in 2011.

As a result of Mexico’s continued and growing popularity among international travelers, there are currently around 1,146 projects in development that will strengthen Mexico’s tourism offerings. Between January and September of 2012, the cumulative investment totals reached upwards of $1.8 billion. This money is expected to bolster Mexico’s ability to continue attracting greater numbers of visitors over the coming months and years.

According to the Sacramento Bee, destinations throughout central Mexico received just over 30 percent of this year’s investment capital, while beach destinations received just over 35 percent, Mayan regions close to 21 percent and the northern border around 13 percent. 

“These private sector investments are complemented by the tourist programs and products developed during the administration of President Felipe Calderon,” reports the Sacramento Bee. “Such as the ten Routes of Mexico, the Mundo Maya campaign, the 18 Gastronomic Routes and the strengthening of the Magic Towns, among others, that strengthen Mexico’s tourism offering.”

Finally, Mexico has experienced an increase in the number of visitors from roughly 137 different nationalities. This is due in part to Mexico’s decision to allow travelers from Brazil, Russia and the Ukraine to electronically obtain authorization to enter the country for tourism, transit or business without first obtaining a visa. As a result, the increase in visitors from these countries in 2012 was more than 120 percent between January and September alone.

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