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Mexico Real Estate News: Study Ranks Mexico as Top Investment Destination

15 November, 2012

Fox News reported this October that Mexico has been ranked as the world’s fourth best investment destination by German magazine WirtschaftsWoche,following a study to locate world economies with the highest potential. According to the report,the magazine advised investors who are looking for “long-term success to position themselves in second-rung markets like Nigeria,Indonesia,South Korea and Mexico.”

The study also found that previously robust investment destinations such as Brazil,Russia,India and China have already passed their “turbo growth phase,” adding that investors should no longer consider these countries to have high potential for new investment dollars. The study’s findings are excellent news for Mexico real estate,which is already flourishing due to its affordability,the country’s modern infrastructure,fabulous climate and stunning natural beauty. 

According to Fox News,the study took a wide range of variables into account in order to reach its conclusions,including “basic macroeconomic indicators,a balance of trade figures and political stability factors,and evaluated various characteristics of the different markets.” This broad approach ensures the highest degree of accuracy possible and is encouraging for investors who have been searching for opportunities amid today’s uncertain economic times.

“The ranking lists the nine most underrated markets,” Floris Willershausen,the international editor-in-chief for WirtschaftsWoche told Fox. Specifically,searching for countries with strong “development and sustainable business models.” 

Furthermore,the release of the study’s findings coincided with a visit by Mexico’s president-elect,Enrique Pena Nieto,to four European countries,including Germany,Spain,Britain and France. The visit allowed the newly elected president to meet with European heads of state and follows a tour of South America that included stops in Guatemala,Colombia,Brazil,Chile,Argentina and Peru. Pena Nieto,who is of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI),will be inaugurated Dec. 1,marking the first time that the PRI has been in power since 2000,after it governed the country for 70 years.

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