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Playa del Carmen Real Estate News: Playa Gets New City Hall, City Theatre

14 October, 2012

Governor Roberto Angulo and Playa del Carmen Mayor Filiberto Martinez Mendez made an appearance to lay the foundation stone for two important new buildings last month. The new City Theatre and City Hall are now under construction and will provide a boost to Playa’s cultural and official appearance. More than $8 million will be invested in the theatre project, while more than  $6.6 million will be invested in the new City Hall.

These investments provide additional proof of the federal and local government’s commitment to building up infrastructure in Mexico and Playa del Carmen real estate and will provide a boost to the public policy administration efforts and cultural venues offered in the city. 

“We will continue working shoulder to shoulder to bring more benefits to the municipality,” shared Mayor Mendez.

The new building will be located on the corner of Circuit Coba Chinchorro and will take up approximately 383 square meters. The theatre will hold around 780 visitors and will also include a lobby area, a café, dressing and rehearsal rooms, an administrative area and parking, among several water elements and other amenities.  

Upon completion of the new City Hall, the Mayor said the current headquarters would become a museum of Playa del Carmen.  The building will house the Mayor’s office, a balcony three blocks of office space, and the offices of the city’s 15 aldermen, along with a cafeteria and a beautifully landscaped courtyard. 

In addition, the Governor announced that a fleet of vehicles including 24 different units for various departments of the municipality would be ordered. This will strengthen the services offered by the city to its citizens and will include 10 Nissan cars,10 F-350 trucks, a public works car, an ATV for civil protection and two Suzuki motorcycles. 

“I would like to thank the Governor for the support give and for the establishment of public policies that account for the needs of employers and taxpayers,” stated Playa’s Municipal Treasurer,Jose Luis Toledo Medina.


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