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Mexico Real Estate News: Fox News Reports Mexico-U.S. Relations Stronger,Economy Transformed

09 October, 2012

In a report by Fox News,outgoing Mexican President Felipe Calderon,who will step down Nov. 30,told a U.S. audience at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington that he will leave behind “a stronger nation and a better neighbor” to its northern neighbors. Throughout Calderon’s six-year term,Mexico has experienced a stronger rule of law and a notable economic transformation that is showing no signs of slowing down over the coming years.

Calderon said the economic “transformation” was due in large part to “financial discipline,economic freedom and increased competitiveness,” which he has worked hard to foster across all areas of the economy,including Mexico real estate. The president also voiced his hopes that bilateral reforms would continue into the next administration and warned that, “No nation can succeed without the support of its strategic partners.”

According to the Fox News report,Mexico rose from the world’s ninth-largest auto exporter to number four during Calderon’s administration,but the president also voiced his hopes for greater integration throughout North America. He also pointed out that Mexico currently purchases more U.S. goods than Japan and China combined,noting the interconnected nature of the two economies. 

“If we want to guarantee our mutual prosperity in the long run,we need to do more,” shared Calderon. “We need to maintain the North American competitive edge over other regions,and the key to get there is more integration,not less.”

Finally,Calderon discussed the decline in illegal immigration from Mexico into the U.S. over recent years and cited this as farther proof that Mexico’s economy – and middle class – are growing. In addition,the president talked about his administration’s achievements in terms of both economic and security measures and issued a call for even greater integration with North America in the coming years. 

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