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Mexico Real Estate News: CNBC Calls Mexico’s Entrepreneurs ‘Prime for Investment’

01 October, 2012

As part of its recent coverage of Mexico’s booming economy,real estate market and investment potential,CNBC reports that Mexico’s businesses have grown at an impressive pace in recent years,which has made the nation a major focus of venture capital firms looking for excellent returns.

 Nonprofit group Endeavor has worked with a variety of entrepreneurs in various emerging markets around the world over the last 15 years,helping to build new companies and increase sustainable growth in local economies. Endeavor’s efforts include 98 high impact entrepreneurs in Mexico,who are mentored by a network of 2,500 volunteers,made up of national and international business professionals,executives and investors. 

“Mexican companies in the Endeavor network outgrew,on average,those of every other country in which the organization operates,both last year and from 2008 to 2011,” reports CNBC. “The Mexican entrepreneurs saw a 45 percent growth in average revenue. With the growth of these companies came significant impacts on the local job market; these companies grew their workforces by 23 percent in 2011,accounting for an additional 63 new jobs per company,the second largest average growth among the 13 countries in which Endeavor operates.”

As Mexico’s economy continues to grow,the buzz among savvy international investors interested in Mexico real estate and other investments continues to grow. For example,CNBC reports that economists at Nomura Group have recently predicted that Mexico will overtake Brazil as Latin America’s largest economy in as few as 10 years. As a result,the firm is now advising its clients that Mexico will repeat its impressive growth from 2011 in 2012,with a GDP that will grow by at least 3.7 percent. 

“The rising cost of labor in China,which has a greater impact on Mexico’s industrial economy than the more commodity-based economy of Brazil,and the impending structural reforms of President-Elect Enrique Pena Nieto and the new Mexican Congress,to be sworn in next month,” stated Nomura. “The country has seen a streak of new factory announcements from the automotive industry,and the new government is widely expected to eschew the recent populist political dominance of the region for a more investor-friendly industrial policy.”

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