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China’s Dragon Mart to Invest $150 million in Cancun

23 September, 2012

Cancun,Mexico has been chosen as
the newest location for what will be called Dragon Mart Cancun.  This 840,000 square meter facility will
be a showcase for Chinese products and companies and will include a housing
complex of more than 4,000 homes.

An initial investment of $150
million dollars will kick off the construction,which is expected to be complete
no later than November of 2012. 
This massive project will create 5,000 direct jobs and will be headed by
an international consortium called Chinamex.  When it is completed,it is expected that this will be the
largest Chinese community in all of Mexico.

The Dragon Mart will feature
hundreds of small and medium sized Chinese businesses that will specialize in
products that are directly imported from mainland China.  Cancun real
was a natural location chosen for this project due to its close
proximity to both the North and South American markets and its excellent
international connections via the nearby Cancun international airport.  Located on the highway to Playa del
Carmen and just outside Cancun (near Puerto Morelos) this region is fast
becoming a transportation hub for businesses of all sizes.

It is expected that in addition
to the direct jobs created,there will also be a boom in employment for
Mexicans and expats alike,as thousands of indirect jobs will be required.  The local economy will boom and real
estate values are expected to explode in the region,which in turn will lead to
further development and infrastructure improvements.  The government of Quintana Roo has also provided tax
incentives to the international consortium in an effort to defer payroll taxes
during the construction phase of the megaproject.

This giant endeavor is expected to increase co-operation between China
and Mexico and facilitate trade between the two nations.  Other Dragon Mart concepts have been
built in Amsterdam and Dubai and have had similar beneficial results.

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