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Tulum Real Estate: Why You Will Fall In Love With Tulum

13 September, 2012

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula along Mexico’s Caribbean coast, the little beach town of Tulum is nothing like most of the world’s popular resort towns. In fact, out of all of Mexico’s hotspots – and there are many – Tulum is easily the smartest place to invest or vacation. Many travelers who have chosen to invest in Tulum real estate opt to visit several times each year, spending a week soaking up the sun, swimming, enjoying the beaches and discovering all that the Riviera Maya has to offer. 

One of the first things you will notice about Tulum is that it has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, framed by the clear, deep turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea. Also, the water temperature here is typically quite mild, and it is common to see colorful fish swimming close to shore, making it perfect for snorkeling. In fact, the Meso-American barrier reef located just a few hundred yards offshore is the second largest in the world, running all the way from Cancun to Belize, and provides an excellent destination for snorkeling or kayaking. 

The town of Tulum itself is also a delight to discover, with a laid back feel that hearkens back to its days as a favorite backpacker’s hangout. Here, open-air restaurants, hostels and countless shops can be found lining both sides of the main drag,which is a north-south highway that runs through Tulum all the way from Cancun, which lies about an hour and a half to the north. The food here is excellent and amazingly inexpensive, with large portions and dinner for two running under $20. 

The beach road outside of town that runs to the nearby Sian Ka’an Biosphere is now home to a growing community of jet setters, but retains a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Here, you will find a wide variety of local eateries and eco-chic hotels located on the beach, many of which have palapa roofs and are rarely more than three stories high, keeping with the intimate feel of the town. One of the best things about Tulum, however, is that the beaches are still uncrowded, making it a real joy to have a cold beer and a bite to eat. 

Real estate along the beaches of Tulum is becoming increasingly pricey, however, as fashion-industry professionals and stars have begun to discover the area’s beauty. For example, a cabana large enough for two people can now run upwards of $150 per night, when less than 10 years ago the same accommodations would have cost as little as $50. 

Tulum’s growing price tag has brought with it a variety of amenities, including yoga studios, spas and more elegant dining options. For example, there are a variety of fabulous restaurants located along the beach, although many still offer a casual, inexpensive experience. 

Prices are expected to continue to rise in Tulum, as the local and federal government has big plans to develop the region as a high-end, luxurious destination. This environment is what has helped make Tulum one of the most popular places to invest right now, with undeveloped land, condos and homes available to fit almost any budget. 

Tulum real estate is quickly being snapped up by savvy investors, who know that the area’s fabulous weather, gorgeous beaches and modern infrastructure will keep property here on the leading edge over the coming months and years. Also, Tulum will likely retain its cool Bohemian air, attracting upscale visitors who appreciate its unique brand of low-rise, low-impact tourism. 

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