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Tulum Real Estate: Old-world Charm Meets Modern Luxury

13 September, 2012

Still very much a quaint village untouched by the development that is spreading across Mexico's Riviera Maya,Tulum real estate is poised to be the next hotspot in this spectacular corner of the Caribbean. With a new airport breaking ground and sprawling luxury resort complexes lining the road from nearby Cancun to Playa del Carmen,it is almost surreal to watch the local fishermen bringing in the day's catch at Tulum's waterfront. 

Characterized by lush tropical beauty and miles of pristine white beach,Tulum lies at the southernmost point of Mexico's Riviera Maya. Nearby ruins are perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea,adding to the area's charm. Just ten years ago Tulum was still way off the beaten path and virtually unknown,except for among savvy backpackers and globe trekkers who came to enjoy the unspoiled environment and rustic accommodations. 

Today the buses carrying tourists through the jungle to visit the Mayan ruins still bypass Tulum,but not for long,making this area one of the hottest real estate investment opportunities in all of Mexico. In addition to the new airport,a golf course is being planned just outside of town and Aldea Zama is a large new development that is in the works and will offer Tulum condos and homes,hotel accommodations and shopping.

In the southernmost reaches of Tulum real estate,the cabanas become more well appointed and feature a variety of available spa treatments and eco-friendly accommodations,drawing celebrities like actress Charlize Theron. By contrast,the downtown area is graced with a more low-key bohemian vibe and is crowned by a one-mile main drag featuring interesting old buildings with loads of character. Here,visitors can peruse quiet shops selling traditional pottery,colorful blankets and other trinkets,or take time out to eat at a local restaurant or cantina.

Tulum's local population seems to be somewhat detached and are very small and compact in stature. Locals reside in homes that are utilitarian but beautiful in their own right,boasting various pastel colors and a small square design. On the outskirts of town pavement turns into gravel and the more upscale tourist destinations become more practical establishments,including auto-repair shops,supermarkets and local eateries. Here,adventuresome food-loving travelers may even find a small,unassuming roadside restaurant serving up the day's catch along with local beer at an unbelievable price,and with a flavor that some say is the best in all of Mexico.

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