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TripAdvisor Names Puerto Vallarta As One of World’s Top Travel Destinations

13 September, 2012

Puerto Vallarta,Mexico,has been named on TripAdvisor’s 2011 list of the world’s top 25 travel destinations. The list was compiled according to votes that were cast by seasoned tourists and travel industry professionals from around the world and is a popular resource for travelers who are planning their next getaway. 

Chosen for its stunning beaches and world-class resorts,Puerto Vallarta boasts more than 26 miles of pristine oceanfront access and has retained some of its original charm. Once little more than a small fishing village,today Puerto Vallarta is a leading world beach destination with a wide variety of fabulous activities available to suit every skill level. In addition,Puerto Vallarta real estate is brimming with scrumptious restaurants and casual cafes and boasts a lively yet cultured nightlife scene. 

Infused with a real cosmopolitan vibe,Puerto Vallarta lies at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountain range and has a newly restored historic center that is home to a thriving arts and cultural scene. Here visitors will find construction of an impressive new modern art complex underway and the popular Teatro Vallarta,which hosts a wide variety of productions year round. The town center is also home to a number of music,art and cultural festivals,as well as a new pier that promises to be a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike.

Popular annual festivals in Puerto Vallarta include the New Year celebration Fiesta Vallarta,which drew in more than 20,000 revelers in 2011 alone,the Marlin & Swordfish Tournament,Gourmet Festival / Restaurant Week and Wine Fest. 

TripAdvisor also asked voters to name their favorite places to stay,eat and play in Puerto Vallarta,and here are a few of the top choices from each category: 


  1.  Playa Fiesta Beach Club & Hotel
  2.  Casa Velas Boutique Hotel
  3.  Velas Vallarta Suite Resort



  1. Casa Isabel
  2. Melissa’s 
  3. Fredys Tucan

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