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The Strong Peso Brings Sustainable Investment Opportunities

13 September, 2012

According to recent reports by Bloomberg and statements by Mexico's economy minister Bruno Ferrari, the country's economy remains one of the best places for companies to invest, with a new foreign direct investment (FDI) forecast that is up to USD 20 billion for 2011 alone. Mexico has been a leading location for investors for some time, but over the past few years and even months, Mexico has increasingly been in the news for reaching record breaking investment numbers. Although an 18 million dollar goal may have seemed to be rather robust to some critics, the country is now hoping to beat that target – a fact that is putting Mexico on the map very quickly.

 According to a recent report by EFE News, North America is still a major investor in Mexico land and property, with categories such as manufacturing and financial services seeing the biggest revenue increase from investment type business. Commerce is also mentioned in the report for attracting additional investment dollars, are is the country's financial services sector and insurance. 

Why Invest in Mexico?

People invest in certain categories because it brings them profit and allows them to grow their money fairly quickly. Today, Mexico is moving toward a more comprehensive approach when handling foreign capital, which is sure to bring in even more investors. In addition, it is expected that sustainable industrial development in Mexico will create a number of opportunities for investors to opt in early. Although energy efficiency is not a new idea, it is still fairly new in Mexico and many savvy investors are seeing a new opportunity surrounding green energy and global technology here. Mexico has the potential, so why not make it happen?

Also of note, global technology is at the forefront of changing how the world does business and investors everywhere are trying to get a piece of the action. Much of the new technology is still in the process of settling into Mexico, creating ample opportunities. In addition, clean technology transfer means a cleaner atmosphere and less pollution for the entire world, which makes it a strong candidate for today’s investment economy.

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