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President Calderon Puts Focus on Mexico Real Estate

13 September, 2012

In April 2011 President Felipe Calderon gave a speech regarding the continued importance of ensuring that Mexico's strong real estate sector continues to expand and attract investment from around the globe. As a result of the focus that President Calderon's government has placed on this important part of Mexico's economy,more and more real estate investors are taking advantage of the various policy improvements that have been made,making it easier than ever to buy and sell real estate in Mexico.

During a speech that addressed sustainable infrastructure at the recent Real Estate Show of Mexico and National Housing Meeting in Mexico City,President Calderon stressed that the real estate market in Mexico today is on a strong upswing,citing the country's impressive economic growth rate in 2010,which was the highest it has experienced in the last decade and the third highest in nearly 30 years. He went on to discuss the many improvements,including improved sustainability and growth,of Mexico's infrastructure,which is expected to usher in a new era of expansion for the country's growing Mexico real estate sector.

In addition,President Calderon went on to discuss the various challenges real estate buyers are currently facing when buying property abroad in countries other than Mexico. Due to a variety of factors,including Mexico's easy accessibility and close proximity to the US and Canada,he stated that the country is poised to step in and play a major role in attracting foreign real estate investment dollars to Latin America.

Calderon also recently declared 2011 to be Mexico's first ever "Year of Tourism," subsequently ordering a number of governmental agencies to develop policies that will help solidify Mexico as one of the top five tourist destinations in the entire world. This will mean even greater improvements to the country's infrastructure,along with additional amenities and a wider array of available activities that are designed to attract tourists and international investors alike.

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