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President Calderon in Puerto Vallarta filming travel series with CBS's Peter Greenberg

13 September, 2012

Last week President Felipe Calderon,who recently declared 2011 to be the "Year of Tourism in Mexico",was in Puerto Vallarta as he travels the country to film "Mexico:  The Royal Tour" hosted by CBS's Travel Editor Peter Greenberg for PBS.   

The “Royal Tour” shows have already focused on other locations throughout the world including Peru,New Zealand,Jamaica and Jordan,and after each show there was a significant spike in tourism in each area.  Mexico real estate investors and the tourism industry are looking forward to the many more new visitors who are expected to come to experience Mexico once the show has aired. 

Calderon took the opportunity to show why so many people have made Mexico their number one holiday destination and why real estate investors should take a closer look at the wonderful opportunities offered in Mexico.   

The arrival of President Calderon,his security,and Greenberg’s film crew in Puerto Vallarta all sparked excitement among the locals. In a bid to see international focus remain on the positive aspects of Mexico,Calderon has spent time working with the media and visiting different regions of the country to highlight the many benefits of Mexico to the rest of the world. 

The president has also recently hired Gloria Guevara as the new Secretary of Tourism and together,Guevara and Calderon plan on making 2011 the year of tourism in preparation for the Pan American games,which will be held here in October of 2011 in Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta.   

Puerto Vallarta real estate has been consistently enjoying a strong tourism industry for some time. For example,back in 2008 the town was already thriving on the more than three million visitors who made it their destination of choice. 

“Mexico: The Royal Tour” will highlight Puerto Vallarta and more of Mexico as the ideal destination for vacationers and real estate investors. Mexico is a large country with many diverse,secure and thriving towns and cities that can be enjoyed all year long. Puerto Vallarta is honored to be one of the focuses of a film about the many reasons why Mexico is a wonderful place to visit. 

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