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President Attends Mexico National Tourism Convention: 2011 Year of Tourism!

13 September, 2012

The third annual Mexican National Tourism convention commences on January 25th in Mexico City. Jorge Davila Flores presided over the convention,which was coordinated by the Confederation of Mexican Chambers of Commerce (CONCANACO SERVYTUR),as reported by eTurbo.

Never before has the convention included national and international stakeholders from the Mexican tourism industry,and individuals from academia and the government. The Mexican President,Felipe Calderon,and Secretary of Tourism,Gloria Guevara Manzo,were both distinguished guests at this year’s convention. Other speakers include Michael Rowan,the Vice President of Government Relations for Latin America of Royal Caribbean Cruises,and Gene Towle,the Associate Director of Softec Mexico.

The goal of this year’s convention was to help increase international investment and tourism. At the inaugural speech the President stated that,in February,he would be signing a National Tourism Accord. He also proclaimed 2011 the Year of Tourism.

As observed by the Secretary of Tourism,Mexico is among the top ten most popular tourist destinations in the world,largely thanks to stakeholders both national and international. She continued on to say,“But we have potential for further growth… and it is essential that government,legislators,the private sector and academia align efforts towards common actions.”

The scope of this year’s convention can be attributed to Mr. Davila Flores,the president of the Confederation of Mexican Chambers of Commerce,who has made it his goal to encourage engaging of tourism issues in a positive manner. He advocates the catchphrase of “Let’s speak and act positively for Mexico”,and his ambitions include inspiring Mexico’s private sector to expand on Mexico’s many positive attributes. On the subject,he said “It is important to support a framework that encourages diversification,improves training and service quality.”

The tourism industry is a major job generator in Mexico’s economy,with it creating 2.5 million jobs directly and 5 million indirectly. The main sources of tourists are the United States and Canada. Mexico’s tourism industry grew by a fantastic 10% last year,paving the way for further growth in the future.

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