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News for Mexico Real Estate: Mexico’s Rising Middle Class

13 September, 2012

The Washington Post recently reported on the rapidly growing middle class in Mexico,which is fast becoming the country’s largest demographic. This shift is redefining the difference between rich and poor in Mexico,and its impact is sure to reach the United States and beyond.

The strength of Mexico real estate middle class is evident in the growing popularity of Wal-Marts throughout the country,as well as in the rising number of new cars on the streets and the increased use of Banamex credit cards. Also,instead of worrying about how to feed their children,the article reports,they are concerned about what their children are eating and that it might be too much. 

“As hard as it is for many of us to accept,Mexico is now a middle-class country,which means we don’t have any excuse anymore,” said Luis de la Calle,who is a respected economist,the former undersecretary of trade in the Mexican government,and the co-author of a new report titled,Mexico: A Middle Class Society,Poor No More,Developed Not Yet. 

Mexico’s rising middle class does not belong to just one of the country’s major political parties,although many of its members are socially moderate and fiscally conservative. They appear to be wary of politicians and show concern at the polls about the loss of the country’s recent economic gains. 

Mexico’s central highlands are home to a large majority of its emerging middle class,thanks to the thriving industrial cities that are located here,far from the coastal tourist hotspots,and also from the drug wars raging along the country’s northern border. Here,in cities like Queretaro,which lies just two hours north of Mexico City,more than a million residents reside in attractive new subdivisions,raising families in safe neighborhoods and enjoying a wide variety of employment opportunities.

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