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News for Mexico Real Estate: Mexico is This Summer’s Hottest Destination

13 September, 2012

Business Insider recently reported on planning a getaway in Mexico,calling it “this summer’s hottest destination.” Since the global economic meltdown seems to be fading into memory,travelers are once again venturing out,and travel expert Mark Murphy – who has worked with CNN,Today,NBC,ABC and Fox – has named Mexico the top destination for the summer of 2012.  

Murphy told Business Insider that now is the best time to book your summer getaway,with Easter and the spring break season coming to a close. He also said that he expects to see,“incredible deals for travel in late April and May.” Working with an experienced travel agent is a great way to ensure that everything has been thought of. The experience they bring to the table is priceless,as travel agencies are responsible for more than 80 percent of all U.S. travel to Mexico real estate,according to the article.  

When deciding where to go,U.S. travelers who live on the west coast can find cheap airfare to Cabo San Lucas,while east coast residents will find it more cost effective to visit areas like the Riviera Maya. Here,you can choose between Cancun,Playa del Carmen and Tulum real estate,with each city offering its own unique experience.  

“If you choose Cancun,stay in the heart of the hotel zone… it’s a fantastic little town,” stated Murphy. “You can go stay at a little local place and wander out,so it’s really easy to eat cheaply and eat well and have a great time on the beach.”

Although growing rapidly,Playa del Carmen lies just south of Cancun and offers more of a laid-back,yet upscale vibe. With plenty of boutiques,gorgeous beaches and fabulous restaurants,there are a number of luxury Playa condos and resorts to choose from for your stay. Tulum is another great choice and is located just a short one-hour drive south of Playa and served as a major port for the ancient Mayans. Today,the remains of their great city,including an impressive pyramid,can still be seen here overlooking the sea just outside of town.

Finally,Murphy told Business Insider that travelers should not be afraid of traveling to Mexico’s tourist destinations,because for one thing they are located “hundreds of miles” from the dangerous areas along the U.S. border. Not to mention,the murder statistics in many U.S. cities is consistently much higher than what you will find in Mexico’s vacation hotspots.

“It’d be the equivalent of someone not going to Miami because someone was murdered in Toronto,” stated Murphy. “I would just stick to the resort areas and not go anywhere near the border.”

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