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News for Mexico Real Estate: Border Violence Not Affecting Mexico Tourism

13 September, 2012

Although the US news media seems to provide virtually nonstop coverage of the Mexican drug war,tourism in Mexico is on the rise. In 2011,the number of international travelers heading to Mexico rose to 22 million,a number that is expected to increase dramatically again in 2012. 

The boom is thanks in part to the growing realization among vacationers that most of Mexico real estate is quite safe and provides an excellent bargain for those interested in a luxury beachfront vacation. In addition,the current “end times” rumors surrounding the ancient Maya calendar,which marks the end of an age in December of this year,and was recently the focus of a big-budget Hollywood film. All of this has caused a new explosion of visitors who want to experience a taste of Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.

“We envisage that 2012 will be a record-breaking year for Mexico in terms of tourism numbers,” stated Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete,COO of the Mexico Tourism Board. “Mexico’s tourism industry is undergoing a stunning transformation – based on a bold strategy of diversification – focused on promoting a broader range of tourism products,including cultural tourism,adventure travel and health related tourism,that is aimed at attracting a new breed of global consumer.”

The US State Department has also officially recognized the fact that the majority of Mexico is safe for visitors.

“Millions of US citizens safely visit Mexico real estate each year for study,tourism,and business,including more than 150,000 who cross the border every day,” according to the State Department’s most recent advisory. “The Mexican government makes a considerable effort to protect US citizens and other visitors to major tourist destinations,and there is no evidence that Transnational Crime Organizations (TCOs) have targeted US visitors and residents based on their nationality. Resort areas and tourist destinations in Mexico generally do not see the levels of drug-related violence and crime reported in the border region and in areas along major trafficking routes.”

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