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New Overpass Opens in Playa del Carmen Real Estate

13 September, 2012

The new highway 307 overpass that
runs through Playa del Carmen has finally opened after more than 16 months of
construction. With a smooth ride and speed limit of 80 km/h (which is roughly
equivalent to 50 mph),the new overpass has been designed to make traveling
through Playa
del Carmen real estate
to and from Cancun,as well as into the Tulum
area,much easier and faster than it was previously.

In addition,the new overpass
will keep major traffic from clogging up the side roads and slower lanes of the
town proper,which will greatly improve travel around Playa for locals and
visitors alike. The new overpass is part of ongoing efforts by the Mexican
government to improve infrastructure throughout the country,with more than 300
million USD allocated in 2011 alone to projects designed to spur economic
growth and aid tourism in Mexico.

The view of Playa del Carmen from
the new overpass is also quite attention grabbing and offers travelers a real
sense of how big the onetime small fishing village has become. The project was
overseen by the SCT,which is the Mexican government’s office of Communications
and Transportation,and a difference in traffic flow was noticeable immediately
after the new bridge was opened for through traffic.

The new overpass stretches almost four kilometers from the north of town
to the southern part of the Avenue Constituyentes,before rising into a second
bridge that takes drivers out to Avenue Juarez. The project was completed
through a collaborative effort by three separate construction companies and is
expected to provide a boost to tourism and real estate throughout the region.

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