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MSNBC Names Tulum One of the World's Top Ten Beaches

13 September, 2012 and Sherman's Travel recently named the world's top ten beaches,with Tulum in Riviera Maya,Mexico making the exclusive list. With a rich cultural history,spectacular natural scenery and a wide variety of outdoor activities that are sure to suit any lifestyle,this popular destination is located just 80 miles southeast of Cancun. 

Tulum real estate is known for its beauty and character and is quite unique compared to other Mexico beaches,thanks in large part to the fabulous Mayan ruins located along the pristine waterfront. Surrounded by stunning white sand beaches,Tulum's resorts are just as likely to host yoga retreats and other holistic getaways as they are to cater to a lively nightlife. An ancient Mayan castle that is perched high on a cliff overlooking the sea,along with the world's second-longest barrier reef,known as the Great Maya Reef,that is located just offshore,will provide countless opportunities for exploration. 

Other beaches making the list include: Trunk Bay,St. John,U.S. Virgin Islands (#9),Plage de Tahiti,St. Tropez,France (38),Plage Malendure,Basse-Terre,Guadeloupe (#7),Paradise Beach,Mykonos,Greece (#6),Manly Beach,Sydney,Australia (#5),Lanikai Beach,Oahu,Hawaii (#4),Ipanema,Rio de Janeiro,Brazil (#3),Grace Bay,Providenciales,Turks and Caicos (#2),and Anse Source d'Argent,La Digue,Seychelles (#1).

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