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Mexico's Booming IT Sector Poised to Hit 3.5 Billion in 2011

13 September, 2012

Forbes online reported last week on Mexico's impressive macro-economic management,strong track record at controlling inflation,and continued efforts to promote business investment dollars and economic growth throughout the country. According to the article,multi-national corporations like Ford,Pirelli and Volkswagen are continuing to spend billions of dollars to open high-tech facilities in Mexico,while other firms such as Honeywell International and Whirlpool are also expanding,creating new opportunities for the Mexican IT sector.

At the recent Nearshore Nexus conference in Jersey City,Latin American IT and Business Process Offshoring professionals gathered to discuss the many improvements in security throughout Mexico,as well as the wide variety of investment opportunities that can be found throughout the country. For example,Forbes reports that conference attendees discussed Mexico's ability to attract investment dollars from large companies like Coca-Cola FEMSA,which has begun to consider Mexican IT professionals as an attractive option to help manage growing data centers and web platforms. Coca-Cola recently signed a $100 million,five-year contract with IT service provider HP Mexico,prompting some analysts to predict that IT exports in the country will surpass $3.5 billion in 2011,which is more than double what it was just five years ago.

According to Mariana Valenzuela of Mexico's Ministry of the Economy, Mexico is well-positioned in part because it is the nearest place to the US that is home to skilled workers who can speak both English and Spanish fluently and have a deep understanding of US culture. Mexico security expert Sylvia Longmire added,"Business is flourishing  and the economy is one of the largest in the entire world."

In fact,companies like b-connect,Softtek and Unosquare have already invested in Mexico and are realizing the advantages of using new headquarters in the country as a way to diversify and globalize their operations,in part thanks to its close proximity to the US,which means workers in Mexico are also operating in the same time zone as their US counterparts.

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