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Mexico's Aerospace Industry to Receive $100 Million Investment

13 September, 2012

In late June of this year,Luis
Oliva,who is the head of the Promotion of Foreign Investment Unit of
Promexico,announced that Mexico’s booming airline industry will receive more
than $100 million in new investments over the course of the coming year.

Oliva stated that the Mexican
Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA) and the Group of French Industries
of the Aeronautics and Space Administration (GIFAS) have signed an agreement
that will allow each side to work together strategically for the benefit of
both countries.  This agreement
encourages both parties to share valuable information for the development of
each country’s aviation sector.

Oliva has also reported that part
of the investment money will come from the British firm Rolls Royce,which will
partner with Mexico to work out the logistics of additional supply chains for
shipping their manufactured engines. 

In addition,he made note of
another investment commitment involving Eurocopter,which is a helicopter
subsidiary of the European-based EADS,in an amount that is upwards of $450
million.  This agreement will focus
on implementing new production capacities in the Mexican state of Queretaro and
is hoped to be received by late 2012.

According to the announcement,
around 230 Mexican aerospace companies have already made exports in excess of
$3 billion dollars last year alone. In addition,Olive said that most estimates
have this number increasing by at least $2 billion dollars for the coming

Also of note,just over a week ago two additional companies – Britain's
Bodycote and Acra Aerospace from the USA - revealed their intentions to install
facilities in the Sonora state of Mexico. 
The dollar amounts that these companies will invest have not been
disclosed at this time,but whatever the amount,it will only add to the total
that Mexico's aerospace industry will receive during the coming months.

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