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Mexico Tourism Getting Stronger

13 September, 2012

In early June,Travel Agent Central reported that tourism is on the rise in Mexico,in part thanks to savvy international travelers and great advice from educated travel agencies around the world. In 2010 alone, more than 22 million foreigners flocked to Mexico's beaches,once again reaching numbers that are reminiscent of some of the country's most successful tourism years in recent history.

The report also pointed out that Mexican authorities are
working closely with local officials in tourist hotspots as par of an ongoing
effort to continually ensure that safety is the number one priority. Since most
of these popular destinations are far away from the U.S. Mexico border,where
some unsafe areas remain,most international travelers have realized they can
rest assured that their next Mexico vacation will be safe and luxurious.

Last month,Mexican president Felipe Calderon attended the
World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) annual meeting in Las Vegas and
talked about his commitment to tourism. “We are establishing tourism as a
national priority... from the federal to the local level,” he said. “We signed
a commitment in which every single government,local governor,mayor,
congressman and everyone in the private sector is committed to in order to
promote the dream. Today,Mexico is the 10th most visited country in
the world by tourism; we want it to be in the top five by the year 2020.”

To support this goal,Mexico has begun to build new highways
and new airports,including one in the Riviera Maya,the new Tulum International
,and has initiated progressive new English and tourism programs at
many of the country's schools. As a result,confidence among travelers is
strong and tourism numbers are soaring in 2011.

“Our reservations
department is reporting that very few calls are coming in regarding the safety
in Mexico,” said Tim Mullen,Apple Vacations' co-president. “Travel agents know
their geography,and with the excellent value we see coming out of Mexico right
now,they are equipped to educate and overcome any client concerns. Brian
Hegarty,director of product development for MLT Vacations agrees,stating,
“Our overall business to Mexico continues to grow stronger compared to
first-quarter trends,and most of the major Mexico destinations are seeing
positive trends for summer travel,with Cancun,the Riviera Maya and Los Cabos
performing the strongest.

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