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Mexico Tourism Benefits from End of Maya Calendar

13 September, 2012

Although a number of flashy Hollywood
portrayals would have you believe that the end of the Maya calendar will bring
about the end of the world as we know it,in Mexico's stunning Riviera Maya –
and in other parts of the country – tourism numbers are already on the rise as
the country prepares for 2012.

Dubbed the “Year of Tourism” for all of
Mexico by current president Felipe Calderon,several of the country's top
officials have been traveling throughout the US over the last few weeks,
encouraging travelers to visit the many stunning archaeological sites that are
located in the states of Campeche,Chiapas,Quintana Roo,Tabasco and the
Yucatan. The 2012 tourism campaign will include a countdown to the calendar's
end and focuses on the country's ten most impressive ancient Maya
archaeological sites,which are located in these five states.

“Our interpretation of the Mayan
calendar is reverse to what many people speculate,” said Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete,
who is the chief operating officer for the Mexican Tourism Board,at a recent
stop in Los Angeles. “Our focus will be on growth and prosperity instead of the
end of the world.”

According to the Mexican tourism board,
in 2010 visitors from the United States made up more than 60 percent of
Mexico's more than 22 million international tourists. Also of interest,during
the same period the number of travelers coming from Brazil,China and Russia
have risen dramatically. These healthy numbers indicate that travelers from
around the world are coming to realize that the drug-related violence in the
northern border regions is isolated and situated far from the many popular
tourists destinations located throughout the country.

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