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Mexico Takes Two of the Top Ten Spring Break Destinations

13 September, 2012

Looking for an excellent spring break getaway this year? Mexico has what you are looking for! has the scoop on the top ten places to go during your break from work and school,and Mexico's Cancun and Puerto Vallarta both made the list. From economy to luxury accommodations,it is easier than ever to find a place for you to catch the sun and play in the sand with your friends this spring.

Cancun,Mexico is the unofficial spring break capital of North America and scored the number two spot on this year's top ten list. The nightlife is hopping,and there are many all-inclusive resorts which include food and beverages during your stay. In addition,the US dollar goes farther here than in many of the other locations as well. Airfare is also much more affordable,and road-trips are an option for getting here. Cancun has an excellent reputation as a popular tourism destination,and it’s well deserved. The average daily temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit,which is sure to chase those winter blues away for good!

Mexico also scored the fourth spot on the list with Puerto Vallarta. This sophisticated alternative to Cancun boasts stylish restaurants and shopping locations situated along picturesque cobblestone streets. It’s a lively and elegant resort location,and provides the epitome of a beach lover's vacation. Here,you can tour tequila manufacturing facilities or immerse yourself in local dining. A vacation here can be as tame or as exciting as you wish!

Number one on the list is Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Its vibrant night life is a great attraction to university students,especially those who books through student programs such as Student City,which scores discounts and VIP passes for travelers. The airfare to this location is the highest on the list,however,which can be prohibitive for college-budget travelers. Montego Bay,Jamaica,holds the third spot. South Padre Island,Texas,took fifth,followed by San Diego,California; Miami,Florida; Panama City Beach,Florida; Orlando,Florida; and Montreal,Quebec,Canada.

Remember,if you are looking to show off your passport photo instead of staying mainland for Spring Break,Mexico offers some economical choices for beach bums of all ages!

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