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Mexico Real Estate: Tourism Numbers Up in 2011

13 September, 2012

During May of 2011,Mexico has
reported an increase in tourism numbers from Canada and parts of Europe,including
the UK,Russia and France. In addition,this year has brought more visitors
from Brazil,China,Colombia,Korea and Australia,demonstrating Mexico's
growing popularity as a destination for international travelers on holiday.

This year's tourism boom is due
in part to an increase in air connectivity between Mexico and other countries
around the world. In addition,the Ministry of Tourism has been working hard
with the government and the Tourism Board to promote Mexico among international
markets in an effort to increase and diversify the types of visitors it
attracts and to become less dependent on visitors from the United States alone.

By May of 2011 the number of
international travelers visiting Mexico from Brazil had increased by 42.4
percent,while Russian visitors had increased by more than 30 percent,Chinese
visitors by 24 percent,Korean visitors by 18.5 percent,Australian visitors by
nearly 17 percent,and both Canadian and British visitors by nearly 16 percent,
as compared to the same period in 2010. While these numbers are impressive,the
United States continues to provide the majority of Mexico's tourism dollars.

International airlines Virgin
Atlantic,TAM,LAN,Air Europa,Air France and Aeromexico have all announced
new flights into Mexico this year. Destinations like Cancun and Mexico City now
enjoy an increased number and frequency of flights,making it easier than ever
for travelers to make their way into Mexico.

In addition,President Felipe Calderon's Mundo Maya campaign has already
begun to boost tourism numbers in the southeastern region of the Riviera Maya.
Thanks to the growing popularity and stunning natural beauty of this area,more
than 52 million visitors are expected to visit the Mexican Caribbean and the
Yucatan Peninsula between now and 2012.

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