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Mexico Real Estate to Benefit from Mexico's National Tourism Accord

13 September, 2012

President Felipe Calderon signed the National Tourism Accord recently,which aims to make Mexico one of the top five tourist destinations in the entire world by 2018. He urged all of Mexico's people to work together to strengthen the nation's already booming tourist sector,making it an even greater priority for the government's national and public policy. "It is our duty nowadays to promote tourism,by combining the efforts of all those that participate in the sector in one way or another. This agreement is a step in the right direction," Calderon said.  

Calderon hopes this will allow Mexico's tourism sector to develop to its greatest potential by eliminating the obstacles that previously stood in the way of its growth. He addressed governors,businessmen,scholars,legislators and other key players in the Central Courtyard of the National Palace recently,describing the National Tourism Accord as an unprecedented effort to bolster this vital economic sector. "It is an expression of the unity that exists to support tourism and recognition of the fact that together we will be able to implement actions that will consolidate Mexico as a world-class tourist destination," he stated. "Nowadays,tourism unites us beyond our differences." 

As one of the world's top five tourist destinations,Mexico will be able to create more than 4 million direct and 12 million indirect jobs,increasing annual income from foreign currency to $400 billion US. Tourism Secretary Gloria Guevara Manzo is appointed to oversee implementation of the new plan,including monthly reports on specific programs.  

Among the ten strategic axes announced by President Calderon were provisions to: Improve infrastructure,increase connectivity,encourage public and private investment and financing,boost the competitiveness of destinations,diversify and improve tourist services and products,encourage national production chains,promote helpful regulatory changes and promote sustainable development of the tourism sector in Mexico. "We do not simply aim to gradually increase tourism in Mexico. We aim to acknowledge facts and then act accordingly,on the understanding that tourism is the main engine of a prosperous Mexico that creates the jobs we want," stated Calderon.

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